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SPS Prisoner Surveys 2011-2013

SPS have published the latest series of Prison Surveys. The surveys capture some key issues and needs of the Scottish prison population.

Read them here:

  • Key Themes are linked to day-to-day routines of prison life, such as hygiene, atmosphere, drug use, food, visits, exercise as well as important questions about experience of begin in care during developmental years - something which is much more prevalent among prison population than the general population. Additional questions  exploring knife crime have also been added.
  • Remand Bulletin which focuses on remand prisoners experiences of living conditions, family contact, healthcare, relationships, atmosphere and perceived safety 
  • Female Offenders highlights what is a very small population size with significant needs
  • Looked After Children surveyed prisoners' histories of care, with 27% of adult population having been in care
  • Young Offenders just focusing on male young offenders, however.
  • Older Prisoners  have higher rates of disability than younger prisoners and much high prevelence of long-term illnesses 
  • Military Veteran Prisoners
  • Establishment Changes compares individual inmate drug use between prisons








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