Possible Smoking Ban in Scottish Prisons

Possible Smoking Ban in Scottish Prisons

It has recently been reported in the media that SPS are exploring the possibility of imposing a prison-wide smoking ban. Howard League Scotland recognises the challenge faced by prison authorities in striking a balance between fostering a safe living and working environment for prisoners and staff alike and allowing some prisoners to pursue what is a legally accepted habit outside the prison walls. Effective enforcement of a ban is also often a challenge for prison authorities. Experiences in other jurisdictions have highlighted that even complete bans on smoking have not always led to complete abstinence in prisons.

Smoking in Scottish prisons:

  • The more times a person appears in custody the more likely they are to be a smokers
  • 87% of women smoke
  • 59% of older prisoners a reportedly smokers
  • Compared to 76% of younger prisoners

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