New Strapline Brief

New Strapline Brief

No incentives. No terms and conditions. Just a simple brief and the opportunity to contribute to making Scotland a better and safer place. 

We're proud to follow the search John Howard took between 1775 and 1790 to find a humane prison system, and to work with associated organisations founded in his name across the world. In 1979 our unique penal system called for the establishment of an independent Scottish organisation, and to mark our 40th Anniversary this year we'd like your help in coming up with a strapline to reflect and celebrate what we stand for. Email responses to:

Strapline Brief


Howard League Scotland (HLS) is Scotland’s leading independent campaigning organisation for the rights of prisoners and other offenders. Established in 1979, we promote just responses to the causes and consequences of crime, convinced that prison should be a place of last resort. We do not seek Government funding and HLS is entirely funded by voluntary donations, allowing us to speak freely on issues of concern.

We focus on how to reduce the number of people in prison, and on prison conditions and regime. We campaign for progressive approaches to prisoners, based on evidence of ‘what works’ and on a humane approach to ‘what’s right’. For example, we believe that the Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility should be raised from 8 to 16 years of age; that all prisoners should have voting rights; that more use should be made of non-custodial sentences; and we are opposed to the building of a new super-size prison to replace Barlinnie.

We don't represent individuals or provide services. Working with MSPs, other decision makers and influencers, we aim to highlight key areas of concern and present evidence on penal reform issues via our website, social media channels and the media, as well as directly to Parliamentary Committees.

The HLS Committee is made up of experts drawn from legal, academic, voluntary and public sector backgrounds, who all give freely of their time and expertise.


A strapline, which we would like to add to our existing logo and launch at our 40th Anniversary Conference in May 2019: ‘Reimagining justice in Scotland’.

Examples of how the strapline and logo could be executed creatively would also be welcome.


  • help to position Howard League Scotland as a separate entity from the Howard League for Penal Reform, which whilst describing itself as a national charity, operates in England and Wales
  • provide clarification of what we stand for, in order to boost membership and support our fundraising applications and activities

Target Audience

Key parliamentarians; civil and other public servants; funders; academics; practitioners; members of the public interested in penal reform; media; other penal reform organisations.