Angiolini Commission on Women Offenders

Angiolini Commission on Women Offenders

Howard League Scotland welcomed the publication of the Commission on Women Offenders final report. The detailed report exposes how women’s experiences in prison differ significantly from those of male prisoners; illustrating that those women who receive a custodial sentence have complex needs and troubled pasts. Often they have experienced extreme deprivation, suffer from high rates of mental health problems and are often repeat victims of sexual and physical violence. As such, these women are among Scotland’s most vulnerable citizens.
Some key numbers:
• Under 2% of convicted women in 2010/2011 involved serious violence
• 75% of custodial sentences imposed on women are for 6 months or less
• 5%, percentage of women in overall 2010/2011 Scottish prison population , compared with 3.5% in 2000
• Only 30% of women on remand go on to receive a custodial sentence
• Women’s imprisonment in Scotland increased at a greater rate than male imprisonment.
• 80% of women in Cornton Vale are reported to have mental health difficulties
• Women are 10 times more likely to self-harm than male prisoners
• 35% indicated they had committed the offence to gain money for drugs (compared with 16% of men prisoners)
• 39% of women had not worked in the year prior to the offence
• 23% had not been employed for the previous 5 years
• 71% of women in prison in Scotland have no qualifications

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