Proposal to end automatic early release

Proposal to end automatic early release

The Scottish government recently took submissions regarding their proposal to end automatic early release for those convicted of sexual offences and long term prisoners. 

HLS argue that the proposal would serve to reinforce the use of prison in lieu of more effective and less costly community-based supervision and rehabilitation.

The use of release on licence would be eradicated for those who had served their full sentence. This has two serious consequences. Firstly, a person released on licence is still under supervision and they can be recalled to prison upon any infringement of their licence conditions. However, if passed, these prisoners, identified as serious offenders, would be released without any requirment for supervision, thus the proposal carries potentially serious implications for public safety. As such, the function of early release allows prisoners to be monitored in the community which serves as a safeguard for the public. 

Secondly, it means that there would be no community based rehabilitation, which we know is more effective way of reducing reoffending for many prisoners, as well as serving to help people navigate the difficult post-release phase, which is all the more acute for long term prisoners.

HLS believes that the  proposal does not benefit the public or the prisoner - neither supporting safer communities or increased rehabilitation.

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