Experiencing Long-term Imprisonment in Scotland

Based on extensive interviews with long-term prisoners in Scotland, this fantastic 2 page essay from Dr Marguerite Schinkel in SJM illuminates how long-term prisoners experience their sentence, anger about the en masse rehabilitation process and trying to desist when back in the community while faced with the life long burden of having to disclose a criminal record.

Read the full article here: Fair Enough | Scottish Justice Matters | Vol 3 | Number 1 | March 2015

Prison and Desistance - (Re)turning point?

'What makes a prison sentence a turning point for some prisoners? What can be done to make this more common? And what needs to be in place for turning points to lead to a crime-free life after release?'

These were the questions explored at a recent University of Glasgow/SCCJR seminar. The speakers, Dr Esther van Ginneken, Dr Marguerite Schinkel and Prof Shadd Maruna, highlighted their research, which had used prisoners stories and reflections on their experience to build a textured picture of what the process of change is like within and following prison. 

Audio Files of the talk are now available from Glasgow Sociology here








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