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Reconviction Statistics: 2019-19 Offender Cohort

On 04/10/21 the latest Reconviction Statistics for the 2018-19 offender cohort   were published. The figures showed that reconvictions had increased in the past year from 26.4% in 2017-18, to 28.3% in 2018-19, going against the general downwards trend over the past decade. The average number of reconvictions also increased over the same period from 0.47 to 0.50, an increase of 6%.

Reconviction Rates in Scotland: 2017-18 Offender Cohort

On 6 October 2020, reoffending statistics for 2017-18 were published. They contained detailed analyses of reconviction rates and the average number of reconvictions per offender by: offender characteristics, sentence type, crime type, and local authority.

The latest cohort in the reconvictions statistics is the 2017-18 cohort, with reconvictions counted up to the 31 March 2019 at the latest for this cohort. This was before the extended presumption against short sentences came into force on 4 July 2019.

Key points:

-       the reconviction rate for offenders has fallen to its lowest level since comparable records began

-       the percentage of offenders who were reconvicted in a year was 26.3% – a one percentage point decrease from 27.3% in 2016-17

-       the average number of reconvictions fell from 0.48 to 0.46, a reduction of 4%

-       offenders given a short custodial sentence of one year or less were reconvicted nearly twice as often as those given a Community Payback Order (CPO).








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